Ustad Gafoor Khan

The recipient of numerous state awards, Ustaad Gafoor Khan of Jhanpli Kala in Barmer is the foremost performer of the Khartal, palm-sized percussive instrument that was forged in his own family, by his father’s brother. Originally, the khartal could only be played with one hand, but Ustaad Sadiqui Khan removed its rings, creating two disparate pieces that clamor to create its hypnotic sound. The instrument is made specifically from sheesham wood, because of the sweetness of its sound. Before Ustaad Gafoor could pass down his legacy to his sons, Firoz (aged 13) and Shehzaad (aged 6), his own father passed it down to him, and he travelled the breadth of the desert as a folk musician, serenading with Rajasthani folk, bhajans, Sindhi and wedding songs.

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Folk Music Performance: Jangda showcase

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Folk music performance featuring Gafoor Khan, Feroz Khan and Kutal Khan

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